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The Coach's Gambit

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Seka has many athletes in her English Class, so she is not surprised when she is approached by two of the football coaches. They tell Ms. Black that they know about her helping one of her students with his grades after he fucked her and they want some of the action. Seka, being the Black Cock Whore that she is, agrees to fuck these Hung Black Bulls and any student athletes that need their grades fixed. The fun begins on the couch and ends in the bedroom with these Black Men taking turns with Seka's cunt and mouth. Seka loves to have a Black Cock in each end and cums over and over again as the Coaches enjoy her body. After a cum shot on her tattoo and a cream pie in her pussy Seka tells them she will be available whenever they want to visit her and They can bring the ball team with them if they like.         

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