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Seka Meets The Debt Collector

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A Handsome Black Man shows up at Seka's house to collect some money her Hubby owes him. When he discovers Hubby is not home he tells Seka he can't leave empty handed, he needs at least the interest on the money. After getting a good look at this Handsome Black Bull Seka agrees to make his visit worth wild. She begins by sucking this hot Black Bull's Hard Thick Black Cock. When this Dept Collector sees Seka's blond pussy he goes down and licks it until Seka finally suggests they go to the bedroom. The Dept Collector wastes no time collecting Seka's wet Blond cunt with his 12 inches of Black Man Cock. Once this Black Cock Loving Whore feels her cunt being stretched by his Huge Black Cock she begs him not to stop. After giving Seka a good hard fucking in every position she likes he shoots a load of Black Seed deep into her waiting cunt. When he gets up to dress Seka tells him he should come back soon to collect more interest because she loves "MORE".

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