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Potion #9 To The Rescue

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Seka is spending some time relaxing in the park when a Black Man skates by her. The second time he passes her she waves but he doesn't react. Being Seka Black she decides to use her secret weapon. That's right, she takes a sip of Potion #9 and on his third pass this Black Hunk stops dead in his tracks and circles back to her. Once Seka gets a close up look at his lean muscular body she invites him back to her place to get better aquainted. At Seka's house our horny little Black Cock Whore wastes no time in stripping her new friend and sucking his Long Thick Cock until he is rock hard. In the bedroom Seka lays back as this Black Bull becomes the aggressor and fucks Seka in all his favorite positions. During a break in the fucking while Seka is licking his Big Black Cock She notices he has pearls under his foreskin. She was wondering why her orgasms were so intense with this beautiful Black Hunk and realizes the pearls were stimulating her cunt in a new and exciting way. After Seka takes a huge load of black cream in her mouth she invites this hard fucking Black Bull to visit her again soon.     

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