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Seka Teases Her Cuckold

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Seka is tired of her hubby trying to please her pussy with his little dick. She calls her Bull Master Max to come over and enjoy her body while she tells Hubby he is going to watch and learn why she loves Black Cock so much. When Max arrives Seka wastes no time in sucking his Big Cock and telling her hubby how good it tastes. She tells him she loves to feel it grow as she sucks her Black Master's Hard Fuck Stick. Seka can't wait to go to the bed room so she can feel her Black Master's Big Cock slide into her wet cunt. Max can't hold back and bends Seka over and starts to fuck her. After fucking Seka in every position and sharing in teasing Hubby, Max gives Seka a cream pie and she licks his Cum from her fingers while telling Hubby how good it tastes. Seka teases her Hubby by telling him she is going to be serving Max from now on and whatever Max wants her to do she will do because she loves to be used by Strong Black Men for their pleasure. Max tells Hubby that he is going to be using his wife like his personal fuck toy and that like all his toys he shares and planes on sharing Seka with some of his friends. Max promises Hubby his hot wife will be well taken care of by both he and his friends as Seka licks the last of his Cum from his Hard Black Cock and thanks him.

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