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Seka Loves Domination

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Seka has been a Naughty Girl and Big Max is the cure for Naughty. He knows Seka and her wild side and does not use spanking to punish her but her own desires. First he makes sure Seka is on the verge of Cumming by eating her pussy. Then he teases her while he reminds her she is a Naughty Bitch and does not deserve his BBC. Not until Seka begs to suck his Big Black Cock does Big Max allow her to lick his Black Cock and Balls. This drives Seka wild and she begs her Black Master to fuck her cunt and ass. Of course Big Max ignores her pleas and continues to fuck her mouth with his Black Cock while reminding Seka what she is, A Black Cock Whore. Max finally decides to fuck his Bitch and when he does Seka has one orgasm after another. The video ends with Big Max fucking Seka in her tight ass while she begs her Black Bull Master to go deep.

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