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Seka's Vegas Trip

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I went on a vacation in Las Vegas so you know what that means. I was out to find one thing, or two! This time I found one Black guy that was ready to fuck my blonde pussy, ass and month all night. He did such a great job starting with my mouth. I started licking his balls real wet and then swallowed his cock till he was so hard I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to slide my tight blonde pussy down on him while he was sitting on my couch. My pussy was so wet I was dripping all over his balls. Then I did reverse cowgirl and I came so quickly. I couldn’t wait to get on my hands and knees and lick all my sweet cum off his cock. His cock was so hard that he slid deep in my ass next and I came so hard again. Finally, I wanted him to cum in my mouth so he sat on the couch while I sucked his balls and cock real deep in my throat. He was so wet that he came. What a great first night in Las Vegas!!!

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