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Lioness In The Wild

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While Seka is jogging through the forest she catches the attention of another Jogger who promptly reverses direction to catch up to her. Once he has, he is distracted by our dear Seka's bouncing tits and runs into a tree. He is knocked out and Seka gives him mouth to mouth to revive him. Seka, being the naughty girl she is, decides to explore this Black Bulls body while he is knocked out. Of course she is caught and gives her new friend a nice blow job on the jogging trail by way of an apology. Once Seka tastes this Black Bull's Cock and Balls she invites him back to her place for a massage since he hurt his arm when he fell. Back at Seka's apartment she oils him down with special attention to his Big Black Cock. The oil scene is erotic as Seka slowly explores her new Bull's Cock, Balls and Ass spreading the oil thick. Once she has oiled him down they Fuck in lots of different positions culminating with a huge cum shot in her mouth

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